Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Existence of Evil and Suffering Actually Turns Out to be a Strong Evidence for God's Existence

The very thing that the skeptic says disproves the existence of God (the existence of evil and suffering in the world) is actually a strong evidence that there must be a God. Here is how we might reason this to be the case:

1. Evil exists in the world.

2. Evil is a departure from the way things ought to be.

3. If there is a way things ought to be, there must be a designed plan (or designed standard) for the universe.

In his book, Handbook of Christian Apologetics, Peter Kreeft said, "the very fact of our outrage at evil is a clue that we are in touch with a standard of goodness by which we judge this world as defective, as falling drastically short of the mark” (p. 123).

4. There cannot be a designed plan for the universe without a designer of the universe.

5. Evil is mankind’s departure from this designer’s standard and that designer is God.

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