Thursday, December 22, 2005

Is it Reasonable to Believe that God Exists?

What evidence is there that the God exists? Well, for starters, we might point to the very existence of the universe itself. Let’s think about this for a moment. There are only three options for the existence of the universe. One, that it has always been. Two, that it came into being by itself. Three, that it was created. The first option (that the universe is eternal) has been utterly rejected by the scientific community. An overwhelming amount of evidence has ruled out the notion that the universe has always existed. The motion of the galaxies, the background radiation echo, and other evidences all point to the fact that the universe sprung into existence at a particular point in time, something scientists call the Big Bang. Option two, that the universe created itself, is impossible. It would be impossible for the universe to have created itself. Before the universe existed there would not have been anything around to do anything. And we all know that nothing can not do anything. Nothing is nothing. It (if we could even call nothing an it!) can’t see, smell, act, think. Nothing is nothing! So option one and two can be thrown out on scientific and philosophical grounds. Option three, that something or someone outside of the universe created the universe, is the only reasonable option.

When you see a painting on a wall, what proof do you need to establish the fact that a painter exists? Nothing else besides the painting itself. The painting is absolute proof that there was a painter. You don’t need to see the painter to believe that he exists. The painting is all the evidence you need. The painting would not be there if the painter didn’t exist. And so it is with the universe. The existence of the universe itself proves absolutely that there is a creator.