Sunday, December 25, 2005

Seventy Percent of Americans Believe Jesus is the Son of God

THE WASHINGTON TIMES reports today that, "Traditional religion is still the bedrock of America, with "very large majorities" of the public steadfast in their belief in God and the birth and Resurrection of Jesus Christ -- with belief in astrology, ghosts and other New Age hallmarks lagging behind. Overall, 82 percent of Americans believe in God, according to a recent Harris poll, which also revealed that 73 percent also believe in miracles, 70 percent in life after death, 70 percent in the existence of heaven, and 70 percent that Jesus is the Son of God. In addition, 68 percent believe in angels and 66 percent in the Resurrection of Christ. Six out of 10 believe in the devil and the existence of hell." Click here for the rest of the article.