Sunday, January 15, 2006

Need Help Understanding the Problems With Calvinism?

Click here to listen to an hour long teaching by Dr. Norman Geisler entitled, "WHY I'M NOT A FIVE POINT CALVINIST." You will have to register to use the site by providing your email address and creating a password. Then in the media section, type in GEISLER in the "Search for Sermon" and it will pop up for you to listen to. Norman Geisler was formerly the professor of systematic theology at Dallas Theological Seminary, is the author of more than sixty books, and is today the President of Southern Evangelical Seminary. For a more in-depth treatment of this issue, I'd encourage you to pick up his book Chosen But Free. To see a collection of tape recorded teachings by Norman Geisler including, "FIVE MORE REASONS I'M NOT A FIVE POINT CALVINIST", and "WAS CALVIN A FIVE POINT CALVINIST?" click here.