Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Expansion of Always Be Ready's Online Store

We're blessed to announce the expansion of Always Be Ready's online store. If you are you looking for theologically sound resources (DVDs, books or audio CDs) that will strengthen your faith or that you can give to unbelievers, we think you'll be excited about our growing list of resources. Some of the new resources we have added include:

(1) The Case for a Creator DVD. In this 60 minute long DVD, Lee Strobel (a former atheist and author of the best selling book THE CASE FOR CHRIST) examines the theories that once convinced him there was no God. In The Case for a Creator DVD you will learn about amazing discoveries in cosmology, cellular biology, DNA, astronomy, physics and more, that point to the existence of a Creator. The Case for a Creator DVD is full of spectacular computer animation produced by Illustra Media, the same studio team that released The Privileged Planet, and Unlocking the Mystery of Life.

(2) Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD. Is life on Earth the product of purely undirected processes like time, chance and natural selection? Or, can the origin and diversity of living organisms be traced to an intelligent cause? The Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD explores these timeless questions and presents compelling evidence to support an idea that could revolutionize scientific thought - the theory of intelligent design. 67 Minutes.

(3) 101 Answers to the Most Asked Questions about the End Times by Mark Hitchcock. For many believers, the subject of the End Times stirs confusion, apprehension, and dread. No longer! This user-friendly manual answers 101 of the most frequently asked questions about everything from the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, the Antichrist, and Tribulation to the Second Coming and the Millennium. Prophecy expert Mark Hitchcock offers a biblically authoritative resource for understanding God's plan for the end times and eternity. This book is endorsed by Dwight Pentecost (Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary), and Dr. Timothy LaHaye. Paperback, 286 pages.