Friday, January 01, 2010

Our Website Down for 8 Days: Result of Hackers

UPDATE: is back up on 1/9/10. Praise the Lord!
Our website,, was hacked today (1/1/2010) by someone who appears to be an angry Muslim. Before we were able to remove it, when you clicked on the site, what came up instead of our homepage was a picture of a man pointing a gun, some crude language, and some Islamic symbols.

Some of the web servants who help us with the site are working on the problem, but as of now our site has been down 8 days (1/1 - 1/8, 2010). Please pray that God would guide them as they seek to restore service and repair whatever security hole allowed the hacker access. Thankfully this did not affect our online store, which is hosted on a different, very secure server. All of this is certainly a reminder that we are a target of the enemy and we need your prayers! Please pray!