Monday, January 12, 2009

Norman Geisler Reviews THE SHACK

Dr. Norman Geisler has recently put out a brief critique of the runaway best seller The Shack. As I've discovered in reading the book myself, there are numerous problems with the book doctrinally. Geisler breaks the problems down into fourteen categories:

Problem One: A Rejection of Traditional Christianity
Problem Two: Experience Trumps Revelation
Problem Three: The Rejection of Sola Scriptura
Problem Four: An Unbiblical View of the Nature and Triunity of God
Problem Five: An Unbiblical View of Punishing Sin
Problem Six: A False View of the Incarnation
Problem Seven: A Wrong View of the Way of Salvation
Problem Eight: A Heretical View of the Father Suffering
Problem Nine: A Denial of Hierarchy in the Godhead
Problem Ten: Ignoring the Crucial Role of the Church in Edifying Believers
Problem Eleven: An Inclusivistic View of Who Will be Saved
Problem Twelve: A Wrong View of Faith and Reason
Problem Thirteen: It Eliminates Knowledge of God
Problem Fourteen: It Entails Divine Deception

If you have friends or family members who have read the book, I encourage you to read Geisler's review and then talk to them about it.