Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Questions to Ask When Reading Your Bible

I like to read the Bible to my kids at the dining room table every night after dinner. When I'm done reading I like to ask them, "What lessons might we get out of what we just read?" I love to hear their thoughts and responses, which are often times amazing for their ages and sometimes quite humorous. Sometimes the lessons are obvious. Other times, we really have to think, "How might this apply to us?" Well, to help draw the lessons out of the text for myself and my kids I like to ask seven questions of the text...

1. Are there commands to obey?
2. Are there examples to follow?
3. Are there errors or stumbling blocks to avoid?
4. Are there sins to forsake?
5. Are there promises to believe and rejoice in?
6. Are there principles to live by?
7. Are there truths about God to trust in?

These questions have been so helpful to me in my own study time. I suggest that you write these down in the back of your Bible. The next time you read through a section of Scripture and are tempted to shut your Bible and say, "I don't know how that applies to me," refer to this list of questions and go back over the verses you've read and watch what happens. I bet you'll be blessed. God's Word is amazing and full of treasures for the person who is willing to do a little mining.