Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who Made God? Conversation with a Skeptic

A common question skeptics raise when I talk to them about evidence for the existence of God, has to do with the maker of God. The question usually goes something like this:

“If the universe demands a creator, then why can’t we just say God must have a creator as well? In other words, Who made God?”

I do find it interesting and a bit humorous, that it is usually atheists who bring up this question. I want to say, "Hey wait a second, I thought you didn't believe God exists."

Be that as it may, here's how I typically try to answer the question in a minute or two.

ME: Nobody made God. Unlike the finite universe (a universe that began to exist) that demands a creator, God does not need a creator.


ME: Because He is eternal. Someone who has always existed does not need a creator or someone to have brought Him into existence, because He’s always been. Psalm 90:2 says, “Even from everlasting to everlasting You are God.” God is eternal. But the universe falls into an entirely different category. As the scientific discoveries have shown, it has not always existed. And anything that begins to exist, requires a cause or maker. Things don’t just pop into existence all on their own. Nothing does not produce something.

SKEPTIC: Okay Charlie that makes sense, but you believe that God has just always existed?”

ME: Yes.

SKEPTIC: Impossible!

ME: Well, before you scoff at the notion of God having always existed, keep this in mind: something must have always existed. Do you realize that?

SKEPTIC: Why do you think that?

ME: Well, think through this with me: If nothing cannot produce something, and yet
something exists, then it follows necessarily that something has always existed (in order to bring the something into existence). Think of it this way:

1. If there ever was a time that absolutely nothing existed, nothing would exist now.
2. Something exists now.
3. Therefore, there was never a time that absolutely nothing existed.

So, to answer your question, Who made God? No one. God is eternal and does not need a maker. The universe is not eternal and does require a maker.

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